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Hilo oficial del Proyecto Antarex.

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This is great news!

I am really looking forward to this, and I encourage you again to contact Watermelon at

Even if you publish yourself, there is a very good chance we can work together to get better quality cartridges and plastic cases for the game; that was the only weakness of Oh Mummy Genesis, many cases were in bad shape and labels peeled off. We manufacture cartridges and cases ourselves, we have professional molds for that, so maybe we can work together :)

I hope to hear more about the game very soon, the first screenshot looks great already. :)

Que maravilla, ahora a sacarle los entresijos a la Megadrive!!!

¡me pido uno pero ya!

Genial, me alegra mucho ver que vuestros proyectos siguen adelante y que tenéis tanta ilusión :) ánimo.



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