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Autor Hilo: Limpiando el todo un poco... (Leído 14104 veces)


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I'm not sure if that comment was directed towards me or not.  But if it was...

I have a couple of things that are for sale, I typically don't have much just laying around.

The items I have from memory:

* Cruncher marquee
* Invico dual marquee
* Omega Race grill art & plastic underlay (2 pcs)
* Space Panic Universal (I think I have 1 extra still)
* Mars marquee - painted black on the back (I think)


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You are from ? Why don't you open a topic with pics of your items to sell ? Thanks


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Rotheblog (I´m Jaji as zael says) nowa days ´m not very active in forums (zael advise me), think we have talked arround´d you my email, lets talk about arcade stuff private.


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