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Autor Hilo: Oh Mummy Genesis (hilo oficial). (Leído 95968 veces)


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Cachis que no se pueda grabar, el dia que se pueda pongo logros xDD


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A principios de semana recibí mi unidad de reemplazo del oh mummy y está perfecta, perdonad la demora en avisar pero he estado fuera estos dias.
Entiendo los problemas que hayais podido tener con la producción del juego y todos los retrasos que hemos sufrido los compradores, no obstante os agradezco toda la atención mostrada y os animo ha seguir haciendo juegos para sistemas clásicos y espero volver a tratar con vosotros.
Gracias y suerte!

Jose y Esther


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Hello to all

well im still waiting for my second copy of oh mummy, i ordered 2 copies very soon after pre orders were available for these, it took a while to get my order but when it came i only got 1 game not 2

my email address is

i sent a message on this forum thread a while ago and someone on here said it would be sent out, but its been a while and have not had the game and also had no emails from anyone

i want to buy the new game you are currently making also, but i need to get my second copy of oh mummy that i bought and paid for before i buy anything else from this team of people

someone please email me, or get back in contact with me, and let me know when i will recieve the second copy of the game i paid for ages ago. please

kind regards


Hola a todos

y todavía estoy esperando mi segunda copia de oh mamá, pedí 2 copias muy poco después de las órdenes anteriores estaban disponibles para ellos, se tarda un rato en llegar mi pedido, pero cuando llegó i solo recibió 1 juego no 2

mi correo electrónico es

me envió un mensaje en este hilo del foro hace un tiempo y que alguien de aquí dijo que sería enviado, pero ha sido un tiempo y no he tenido el juego y también tenía correos electrónicos de cualquier persona

Quiero comprar el nuevo juego que actualmente está haciendo también, pero tengo que conseguir mi segunda copia de oh mamá que me compré y pagué antes de comprar cualquier otra cosa de este equipo de personas

alguien por favor envíeme un correo electrónico, o volver en contacto conmigo, y que me haga saber cuando voy a recibir la segunda copia del juego que pagué hace años. complacer

Saludos cordiales



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Well nearly 24 hours since i posted this and not 1 reply from anybody involved in the site, and you seriously expect people to trust you with the new game you are producing? all someone can expect is to be dealt with fairly and get what they paid for, i paid for 2 games and i got 1 and nobody seems to be willing to do anything about it. Charming


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Hello leolyla.
I'm sorry for the delay in answering, the person responsible for orders not now. Do not worry about anything, you would look without fail and on Monday we tell you what happens.
Again sorry for the inconvenience, but I assure you we will fix it.

A greeting


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Hello all,

I have just got a reply from albert via email,

' Hi friend,

Checking that your game was shipped the previous week. This is your tracking number: -----------

Thank you for your patience and if you need anything, feel free to contact please :)


Im very happy to get this news, not sure which website i use to track the package though but have just replied to albert and asked him

cheers all


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Just used that site, the reply from it is

'No tracking information for the shipment, or overdue tracking'

108 Stars

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Hmh, worked for me. Or do you live n Spain? I thought you were not from Spain because you wrote in English. Before, 1985alternativo sent the Spanish orders from within Spain, the international orders came from China via EMS.


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I live in england, have replied back to albert stating the tracking number isnt working. still waiting to hear back though


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I purchased "Oh Mummy" on Nov 11, 2012, but have not received it.  Should the game have arrived by now?  Are copies still being mailed?  An update would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


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@ josesther_jag: Gracias por avisar amigos :)

@ leolyla: I think you're entering the tracking number in the wrong site. We sent the link by e-mail, thanks.

@ rhcocker: Please, e-mail us with your order number and full address for check. Some units had been returned and re-sent again, but we need to verify the address friend.

Our mails: / / /

Cranky Kong

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Señores, como es de bien nacidos ser agradecidos, procedo a agradecer sinceramente a los amigos de 1985 Alternativo la liberación del Oh Mummy en formato rom para que lo pueda disfrutar todo el mundo.

Me quito el sombrero. Ojalá más gente funcionara así.

Os merecéis todo lo bueno que os pase.


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Success  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D   

I got the second copy i ordered today, box has sadly broken on its way to me but that does not matter i have tons of new boxes anyway. Thankyou for sorting this out after i had nearly lost hope, looking forward to investing in your next game


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I have yet to receive a copy of the game I paid for back in early November. I contacted Albert in April, and was told that there was an issue with my address and dispatch costs. He asked for my address in order to caculate accurate shipping, and I sent the address to him immediately.

Unfortunately, I've yet to hear anything else from anyonw since then, despite sending an email about once a month to check on things. Has anyone else had a problem like this, or am I just lucky? I'd really like at some point to receive the game I sent payment for almost eight months ago, and any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all :)