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Autor Hilo: Star Control (Leído 827 veces)

Giman Falomilrelero

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Parece que se prepara una nueva versión del Star Control.
Pasé muchas horas de diversión jugando al 1 y al 2.
Son los creadores de la saga Galactic Civilizations. Espero que les salga bien la jugada.

Hoy he recibido este correo desde Stardock:

25 years ago, I became obsessed with a game called Star Control™. My friends and I poured hours into playing it together. Two years later, Star Control 2 came out, forcing me to spend all my waking hours exploring worlds, meeting crazy aliens, and of course, saving the galaxy.
For years, I waited for another game that would combine a sandbox exploration game with a compelling story but alas, nothing has approached the heights of Star Control 2 for me.
A couple of years ago, Atari®, which had acquired Accolade, the original publishers of the Star Control series, sold us their rights to the franchise.
So here we are, nearly a quarter century later and I'm happy to let you know that we are making a new Star Control game!
Now, you might wonder when you'll be able to join us in talking about the design, the new aliens, the new worlds, and the new adventures. The answer to that is NOW.
Our Founder's Program is ready to go and we're excited to start talking about the game with our community. It is as near and dear to us as it is to many of you, so your feedback and thoughts are extremely important to me.
Because this franchise is so loved, we are looking for people who are sincerely invested in the future of these games. In order to do this, we are asking that people who would like the opportunity to join our Founder's Program fill out a survey, which you can find here:
Please note: You need to complete the entire survey in order to be considered to join the Star Control Founder's Program!
You should join our Founder's Program if:
     •  You have an interest in watching the development process
     •  You enjoy playing games in their earliest phases and offering feedback
     •  You love Star Control and want to nerd out about it with the rest of us
If you have any other questions about Star Control and what direction Stardock is aiming to take with it, you can take a look at this FAQ post here. We are really excited about this project and hope that you are, too! Please remember that even if you aren't accepted to the program in the initial wave, we will continue to accept more users as we move toward release.
Star Control. It's happening. Get hyped – I know that I am.
Brad Wardell


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Joer, pues la verdad es que no conocía esta saga, pero por lo que he mirado tienen buena pinta. Bienvenida sea esa nueva entrega.